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ECORICH Features

“ECORICH”, a hybrid hydraulic system that realized the world’s first fusion of hydraulics technology with Daikin’s exceptional air conditioning motor/inverter technology, has been a trend setter for energy savings in the hydraulics field.
“ECORICH” has now undergone a model change involving incorporation of highly efficient IPM motors. The significant improvement in energy savings and low heat generation contribute to greater plant energy savings.

1. Energy savings / low heat generation* Figures compared to conventional ECORICH design 30 series models

■Power consumption: Reduced by additional 30%

The highly efficient IPM motor surpassing IE4 class further improves the energy-saving effect of the unit.

■Oil Temperature: Reduced by additional 5°C

The user-friendly hydraulic unit realized by suppressing oil temperature rise reduces thermal influence on the machine, improves the environment at the machining site, and prevents degradation of hydraulic oil, extending the oil replacement interval.

■Comparison of power consumption

Conventional hydraulic unit taken to be 100

2. Compact / lightweight * Figures compared to conventional ECORICH design 30 series models

A more compact and lightweight unit offers a reduced footprint for easier installation.

■Footprint: Reduced by 9% (all models)

■Mass: Reduced by 40% (EHU1404/2504)

3. Environmental resistance * Figures compared to conventional ECORICH design 30 series models

A more reliable controller improves environmental adaptability.

■Max. ambient temperature:Increased from 35°C to 40°C

■Dustproof and waterproof protection rating: IP44

■Tank capacity:Increased from 10 L to 18 L

Achieves greater resistance to contamination and reduced oil level fluctuation.

4. Excluded from high-efficiency motor regulations

Hassle-free design is assured by:

  • Eliminating the need to replace motors for each destination
  • Eliminating the need for design changes in accordance with amendments to the regulations