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Unit Options

Select any out of a various products ranges.

Unit Options

CodeDescriptionOption model code (sold separately)Option model code (sold separately)
FWater fill test compliant tank-These cannot be retrofitted, so please specify them when ordering the unit.
MWater leak test compliant tank
JMagnet separatorE-MSB-110-01
BOil filler port (yellow cap)E-MSA-V22-FThe standard color is dark blue.
GOil level gauge guard (yellow)E-GUARD-YSelect either of these options.
EOil level gauge guard (black)E-GUARD-B
LLevel switch (“NO” contact, ON when oil level at or below 11 L)E-DLSN-130L-A-10Select either of these options. Not mountable on the T port.
HLevel switch (“NC” contact, OFF when oil level at or below 11 L)E-DLSN-130L-B-10
PTemperature switch (“NC” contact, OFF when oil temperature is 60°C or lower)E-MQT83PD-L60X1-10Select either of these options. Prepare a compatible bushing.
AMounting conversion plate for compatibilityE-EHUPLATEUsed to secure the body of the unit using the fixing holes for conventional ECORICH units (Design 30 series).