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ECORICH 40design

We developed a new model focusing on ease of use by adopting the energy-saving and high-accuracy control functions of the existing ECORICH R
Lightweight, compact design
Improved support for options
We also plan to sequentially release maintenance function options that will significantly reduce the time customers spend on day-to-day maintenance and inspection! See the bottom of the page for more information!
Lightweight, compact design
Lightweight, compact design

The mounting hole pitches remain the same as for the 30 design: ,
unit width: 37 mm shorter, weight reduced by 11 kg (40 kg to 29 kg)
The unit is more compact and the degree of freedom for installation inside a machine is greatly improved.

ECORICH 30design
ECORICH 40design
Improved support for options
Improved support for options

In addition to the separate power and control system power supplies specification that was supported on the 30 designs, eight new options have been added.
33L type and tankless type have been added / now available.
This means we can accommodate the customers’ diverse modes of use.

Hardware Option
To be released sequentially Maintenance function options
We want to optimize the timing for hydraulic oil changes.
We want to identify the locations of oil leaks quickly.
We want hydraulic units to be low-noise.
We want to reduce the time to replace parts.
If you have any of these concerns, or are interested, please feel free to contact us using the form below. We can give you actual examples and propose models.