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ECORICH R Function Options

Function Options of ECORICH R are explained.

1. Communication function

■Remote control and setting changes are possible through RS232C serial communication.

Using a commercially-available PLC or touch panel display with RS232C communication capabilities, parameters for the pressure, flow rate, acceleration time, deceleration time and so on can be set and viewed at the machine. This facilitates control of speeds and pressurizing forces and enables a wide variety of machine operations.

2. Analog command input

■Enables continuous control of pressures and flow rates as required.

The pressure and flow rate can be controlled continuously at the desired values by inputting the pressure command voltage (0 to 10 V) and flow rate command voltage (0 to 10 V) from the machine side. This achieves a control system with a simple configuration for machinery that requires variable speed control or continuity of pressurizing forces.