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ECORICH R Features

Features of ECORICH R are explained.

1. Energy-saving

■Epoch-making energy-saving 60% (Compared to our product, when pressure is retained )

Dramatic energy-saving by reducing the motor rotating speed under pressure-retained condition

Electrical control by using DAIKIN original inverter and IPM motor (ECORICH R), and compact fixed-displacement pump are adopted.

Hydraulic operation pattern and energy saving

The power consumption at standby and pressure retained is drastically reduced because of variable speed oparation of motor.

2. Low noise

■Low noise level at 50 dB (A) achieved in the pressure holding mode

A low noise level in comparison with conventional hydraulic units is achieved. It is 50 dB (A) in the pressure holding mode at 7 MPa and to 70 dB (A) or lower even over the full operation range.

3. Excluded from high-efficiency motor regulations

■ECORICH R is excluded from high-efficiency motor regulations.

High-efficiency motor regulations came into effect in Japan in April 2015. These regulations apply to the hydraulic units equipped with general motors but the ECORICH R that incorporates a dedicated inverter driven motor are excluded from them.

Advantages of adopting a hybrid hydraulic unit

  1. Eliminates the need for replacement of motors for each destination
  2. Eliminates the need for design changes in accordance with amendments to the regulations
  3. Reduces design changes to spare parts, and the maintenance workload