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Oil cooling unit AKC9 Specifications

Specifications of AKC9 series are explained.


The cooling capacity indicates the value at the standard point (fluid inlet temperature: 35°C, room temperature: 35°C, fluid used: ISO VG32, flow rate: rated circulating volume). This unit has about ±5% of product tolerance.
Use a commercial power supply for the power source. The use of an inverter power supply may cause burn damage to the unit. The voltage fluctuation range should be within ±10%. If it is more than ±10%, please consult us.
Indicates the maximum value with clean fresh water.
The optional thermistor for machine temperature synchronization is required.
The SDS (Safety Data Sheet) of refrigerant R410A is attached to the –C type.
If the unit is used for a grinding machine or similar equipment, the evaporator tends to become clogged with foreign material, necessitating frequent maintenance of the evaporator or leading to significantly shorter pump service life due to wear of the pump parts (mainly the mechanical seals). This unit is cannot be used for water, chemicals, foods or fuels.
Not applicable to models without a pump
The rotational speed of the fan varies depending on the room temperature to conserve energy. Therefore, it is normal for its operating sound to vary accordingly.
Ingress protection for switch box: equivalent to IP54 (When wired with IP54 or higher conduit tube or other protection on the wiring port.)
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Oil cooling unit lineup

AKZ9 SERIES Circulation type

- High-Accuracy, Energy-saving, Compact
Environmentally Friendly Inverter Oil Cooling Unit

AKJ9 SERIES Immersion type

- Immersion-type oil cooling unit mounted directly on the coolant tank
- High-Accuracy model with the inverter-controlled compressor

AKC9 SERIES Circulation type

- Inline type cooling unit for coolant
- Highly accurate temperature control model by inverter control