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(Analog Command Input, High-Accuracy Type)

Unique Offer from DAIKIN!!
Unparalleled energy-saving and
high-accuracy servo-based pump PQ control system.


1. Energy Saving

Energy savings at least 60% greater than conventional fixed displacement pump systems (The energy-saving effect varies depending on the operation conditions.)

  • Significant reduction of running costs with a small investment. Contributes to improvement of production efficiency at a reasonable price.
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2. High Accuracy with Simple Operation

High-Accuracy servo control according to analog pressure (P) / flow rate (Q) voltage commands

  • Easy to use, just like conventional proportional valves.
  • The servo-controlled pump adjusts the pressure and flow rate in accordance with the load.
  • Highly accurate control with respect to pressure/flow rate command values, with a linearity of 1% F.S. maximum and hysteresis of 1% F.S. maximum.
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3. Sustained High-pressure Holding Control

Sustained high-pressure control with energy savings by selecting the pump flow rate

  • Double pump type units enable selection of combination or independent flow rate using a dedicated solenoid valve to achieve sustained high-pressure control, switching between a low pressure with high flow rate and a high pressure with low flow rate, as is often required for presses and other equipment.
  • The solenoid valve can be switched autonomously by the SUPER UNIT or from the machine, according to the parameter setting.
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4. Faster Shipping Adjustment

Simple adjustment to start a trial run on the machine, meaning a shorter adjustment time

  • The SUPER UNIT can be easily adjusted without requiring special skills for setting/adjusting complicated parameters of servo systems. The unit runs stably even with the default settings so the machine can reach the trial run stage in a short time.
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5. Improving the Working Environment

Reduced noise during operation

  • Noise while holding a high pressure is reduced by lowering the rotational speed of the pump to the minimum level required to hold the pressure.
  • Shockless control of pressures and flow rates can be achieved by ramping the command voltages during acceleration/deceleration of the pressure and flow rate. This gives smooth machine operation with less impact noise, helping to improve your working environment.
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6. Exceeds Standard of High Efficiency Motor regulation

Incorporating a motor dedicated to servo-based rotational speed control

  • Exceeds standard of high efficiency motor regulations eliminates complicated formalities both in Japan and when exporting the machine.
  • Since no induction motor is used, the maximum discharge rate of the pump does not fluctuate depending on the power supply frequency, making it unnecessary to adjust the machines’ maximum speed for each shipping destination.
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7. IoT-ready

The IoT-compatible Daikin hybrid systems reduce waste and losses at factory sites.

  • With the hybrid system, it is possible to fetch information including not just hydraulic fluid pressures and flow rates but also internal information about the equipment such as power consumption and motor temperatures.
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