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1. Water cooled condenser type oil cooling units

Exhaust heat free

The water cooled type oil cooling units were developed to combine energy savings with comfort. No exhaust heat is released into the factory space, greatly reducing maintenance time for condenser clogging. These units help improve the environment at the customer’s factory production site.


2. 10 series oil cooling units 400V specifications

Lightweight and compact

Lightweight, compact, transformerless 400 V specifications now available

The dimensions are the same as standard models, so no design changes are needed for different voltages.

Both of size and weight are substantially smaller than the 9 series.


3.ECORICH R 40 Design

Product Lineup Expansion with Model Changes in 2021

Compact but with advanced functions

In addition to two tank capacities (18L and 33L), we have added a tankless option that allows customers to install their own tanks so that we can support even more machines.

Note also that the exclusion from high-efficiency motor regulations eliminates motor replacement work for each destination.

The previously acclaimed 16-pattern PQ control function has been adopted unchanged.


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