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We want to procure products and parts overseas. Can we ask DAIKIN to carry out repairs in the event of any trouble?

In countries where we have a distributor, that distributor will deal with this issue. In other counties, please contact Inquiries.

A machine we purchased in Japan is equipped with an oil cooling unit, but an alarm has been generated and the machine has stopped. Who should we consult?

Please see GLOBAL LOCATIONS on our website. Distributors with SERVICE indicated in their contact details are available for technical consultation. If you have any questions, please contact Inquiries.

We are planning to change the layout of the factory: can we achieve space savings with the hydraulic units and coolant units.

DAIKIN hybrid products are characterized by low heat generation, so they can be designed to be more compact than conventional hydraulic units, making them space-saving. Coolant cooling systems can also be selected by size and installation method.

Can we shorten the cycle time with our current machine in order to reduce costs?

We will consider shortening the cycle time by increasing the speed of the cylinder and propose optimal modification of the machine.

In the manufacturing processes for a part, heat treatment is required between one machining process and another, and production is slow due to the cooling time required. Is it possible to shorten the cooling time by temperature control of the cooling tank?

DAIKIN cooling systems can cool various media, and the communication function enables cooling control according to the load to achieve the shortest cooling time.

When starting up a new production line, the temperature of the cutting fluid is different for each machining process, so the machining accuracy is not stable. Is it possible to control the fluid temperatures in all the processes to the same temperature?

The temperature of the coolant changes with differences in the machining load and ambient temperature. Our cooling system allows the control temperature and control mode to be changed as required by communication, so you can adjust the temperature difference for each process.

We are honing automobile parts, but ripple tool marks are generated on the parts surface. Can this be improved?

It can be improved by proposed circuit changes, improving the equipment accuracy, temperature control, etc. Please contact your nearest distributor or Inquiries.

If you have any other problems or questions,
please contact us here.

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