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Machine tools such as machining centers and lathes are essential for high-efficient/-precision machining in manufacturing industry. The recent trend of machine tools design is compactness, but as it gets smaller, these become more susceptible to heat. This heat can reduce the accuracy of machining process. Daikin’s inverter hydraulic units, ECORICH, enable both high-precision machining and compact design of machinery. The high energy-saving performance of ECORICH contributes to improved machining accuracy by reducing the amount of heat generation.

In the machine tools market, there is also a growing trend of promoting maintenance and services remotely. Daikin’s inverter hydraulic units and chillers have a communication function, that enables you to obtain latest information about the machine operation. This function makes it easy to remotely monitor machine tools. Our inverter hydraulic units also have various other added values, such as low noise and high-energy saving performance, and such values been very well received for its ability to meet a variety of requirements.

Case studies of energy-saving

Machining center

Machine :
Model :
Pressure :
Oil temperature :
57°C → 30°C
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Comparison of power consumption

Power consumpion
(Average When operating)
about 66.6% reduced