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10 series oil cooling units|Circulating type for oil cooling

Lightweight, compact design
Transformer-less 400 V specifications now available
The dimensions are the same as standard models so no design changes are needed for different voltages|Both of size and weight are substantially smaller than the 9 series
Improved maintainability
Air filter structure that resists condenser clogging due to oil mist
When only conventional filters are used the cooling capacity reduces due to clogging of the heat exchanger itself even if the filters are properly cleaned or replaced, so the heat exchanger had to be cleaned every few years
With the new filter the heat exchanger does not clog. Cooling capacity can be maintained by replacing and cleaning the filter|Assuming a mist density of 0.5 mg|m3
Predictive maintenance|communication functions provided
Margin level to Alarm added to the communicated information

The following can be achieved by installing the option communication board on the oil cooling unit’s control board and communicating with the machine:

1. Changing the operation mode and the operation setting from the machine
2. Reading various data such as the alarm code and temperature-related data of the oil cooling unit from the machine

On the 10 series, a new function for quantifying and communicating the margin level before occurrence of an alarm has been added. The machine can now receive that value and use it to judge the maintenance timing or for other purposes.

Predictive maintenance/communication functions provided
The following features are the same as before.
Energy savings

Extreme energy saving with original compressors and inverters

High-accuracy temperature control

High-accuracy temperature control over the full performance range (±0.1℃)

Extensive operating temperature range

Room temperature 5 to 45℃, fluid temperature 5 to 50℃

Reliability (resistance to environment)

- Measures against dust and oil mist (electrical enclosure rating IP54)
- robust during transport, substrate sulfide resistant specifications
- wide fin pitch making the heat exchanger resistant to clogging

A wealth of functions

- Refrigerant gas leakage detection
- temperature warning, auto-tuning function
- ON timer
- predictive maintenance function
(maintenance timing announcement, stop-gap operation in the event of a thermistor fault)

Oil cooling unit lineup

AKZ9 SERIES Circulation type

- High-Accuracy, Energy-saving, Compact
Environmentally Friendly Inverter Oil Cooling Unit

AKJ9 SERIES Immersion type

- Immersion-type oil cooling unit mounted directly on the coolant tank
- High-Accuracy model with the inverter-controlled compressor

AKC9 SERIES Circulation type

- Inline type cooling unit for coolant
- Highly accurate temperature control model by inverter control