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Oil cooling unit AKC9 Applications

Application Examples of AKC9 series are explained.

Application Examples

  • Machine tools:Machining centers, NC lathes, grinding machines, NC specialized machines, NC electric discharge machines, etc.
  • Industrial machine:Molding machine, press, etc.

Machining centers

Molding machine


Oil cooling unit lineup

AKZ9 SERIES Circulation type

- High-Accuracy, Energy-saving, Compact
Environmentally Friendly Inverter Oil Cooling Unit

AKJ9 SERIES Immersion type

- Immersion-type oil cooling unit mounted directly on the coolant tank
- High-Accuracy model with the inverter-controlled compressor

AKC9 SERIES Circulation type

- Inline type cooling unit for coolant
- Highly accurate temperature control model by inverter control