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Oil cooling unit AKZ9 Features

Features of AKZ9 series are explained.

Oil cooling unit AKZ9 SERIES Circulation typeRoHS Compliant Features

  • High-Accuracy type with inverter compressor and electronic expansion valve
  • Circulation type Oil Cooling Unit (Built-in circulation pump)
  • Closed type cooler
  • New refrigerant R410A (Modulus of rupture of ozone layer: 0)
  • Temperature control in low-load range attained by wide cooling capacity control (Conventional: 10~100%→9 series: 5~100%)
  • Wide operating temperature range (Room temperature: 5~45℃, Inlet oil temperature: 5~50℃)

1. The first class energy-saving

Daikin original IPM motor and new refrigerant R410A provide the first class energy-saving


In comparison with our existing ON/OFF unit (AKS5 series) as 100

2. Low noise

59.5dB (A)→ 58dB (A) with AKZ439 class *corresponding value in anechoic chamber

Generally, people can talk at the distance of 1m at the noise level of 60dB.

3. High-Accuracy temperature control

High-Accuracy model with the inverter-controlled compressor

Note: Pattern diagram with the heating load stabilized at 0 - 100%
(Comparison with Daikin unit)

4. Easy monitoring of operating status

The room temperature, inlet and outlet oil temperatures and other internal data can be monitored at a personal computer using Hybrid-Win*. This data can be displayed collectively, making it easy to grasp the operating status.


Hybrid-Win is a software tool for monitoring the internal status at a personal computer. Please contact your nearest Daikin distributer to get information of it in details.

Sales Network

The communications cable and the monitor harness must be purchased separately.

5. RoHS Compliant

Complies with the RoHS Directive, e.g. by adopting printed circuit boards with lead-free solder.

6. Reinforce durability for mist or dust in the severe condition of factory

The ingress protection of the control box has been upgraded (equivalent to IP54).

Electronic components resistant to sulfidization have been adopted.

7. Higher durability for long-distance transportation

The specifications for withstanding vibration during transport have been upgraded to reflect actual transportation conditions.

8. Functions featured

Refrigerant gas leakage detection alarm function

An alarm signal is output when the refrigerant gas would be leaked (as cooling circuit failure).

Oil temperature warning function

A warning signal can be output when the oil temperature or air temperature strays outside arbitrarily setting range.

Preventive maintenance function

A warning signal is output to notify that maintenance is required when the air filter or condenser becomes clogged.

If the thermistor fails (out of control), emergency operation is possible by selecting another operation mode. This function minimizes the factors of line stoppages.

Auto tuning function

This function substantially cuts the time taken for adjustment during trial operation by automatically setting the gain when oil temperature control is not stable in the factory setting status or when optimization is required.

999-hour timer function (ON timer)

The operation start time can be set from 0 to 999 hours in one-hour units.

9. Five types of semi-standard specification units in addition to the standard type to achieve shorter product delivery terms

Individual With heater specifications for general purpose are set as semi-standard types

10. Compact design of top class in the industry

8 series

More compact

9 series

The AKZ 9 series comes top in the industry

*Compared with AKZ 439 class (units: mm)

Oil cooling unit lineup

AKZ9 SERIES Circulation type

- High-Accuracy, Energy-saving, Compact
Environmentally Friendly Inverter Oil Cooling Unit

AKJ9 SERIES Immersion type

- Immersion-type oil cooling unit mounted directly on the coolant tank
- High-Accuracy model with the inverter-controlled compressor

AKC9 SERIES Circulation type

- Inline type cooling unit for coolant
- Highly accurate temperature control model by inverter control