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Excellent cost effectiveness with energy-saving ratio of 50% (In pressure retained operation at 20.6 MPa)

1. Energy-saving

Air-conditioning motor inverter technology and tandem pump selecting control technology are fused to attain high energy saving effects.

Not only at pressure retained but also in the field of general industrial machinery where actuators are frequently operated, such a high-efficiency motor can save energy greatly.

Case of company that manufactures electronic equipment parts

Power consumption of conventional hydraulic unit

Power consumption of conventional hydraulic unit

Comparison of power consumption

Power consumpion
(Averge When operating)
about 72% reduced

Model Pressure Motor capacity Tank capacity
Before Conventional hydraulic unit Tandem gear pump 12.5MPa 3.7kW 200L
After SUPER UNIT SUT10D6021 12.5MPa Equivalent to 5.0kW 100L
money ※1 Cost down by energy-saving effect for one year  $4,620- down
eco※2 CO2 gas reduction for one year  18t DOWN down
This is a case study of energy-saving case in Japan. We assume that operating time is 8000hours for one year and ¥15 per kWh($1=¥107)
kWh×0.555(kg):The low of global warming control artcle 3.1 in Japan

We show you the principle of energy-saving.